Our Leadership

 Moderator of Session: The Rev. Tim Monroe

Clerk of Session: Casey Moore

Moderator of Deacons: Jan Moore

Vice Moderator of Deacons: Marilyn Kinter

Ruling Elders

Class of 2018

Doug Gradwell (Mission and Evangelism Committee)

Shirley Marshall (Mission and Evangelism Committee)

Jan Orr (Christian Education Committee)

Class of 2019
Joe Buente (Property and Maintenance Committee)
Carolyn Stear (Congregational Life Committee)
Doug Marshall (Property and Maintenance Committee)

Class of 2020
Mike Kimmel (Congregational Life Committee)

Casey Moore (Clerk of Session)
Sandy Gandolfi (Christian Education Committee)


Class of 2018

Doris Kimmel (Mission and Evangelism Committee and Vice-Moderator)

Amanda Marshall (Christian Education Committee)

Debi Weaver (Property and Maintenance Committee)

Class of 2019
Christina Kinter (Congregational Life Committee)
Jan Moore (Congregational Life Committee)
Lori Gradwell (Mission and Evangelism Committee)

Class of 2020
Julianna Getty (Mission and Evangelism Committee)
Marilyn Kinter (Congregational Life Committee)
Sherri Kutsch (Christian Education Committee)



What is a Ruling Elder?

A ruling elder is one of the three ordered ministers of the church (with the Teaching Elders and Deacons). This office was given to us by Jesus Christ and witnessed to in various New Testament Scriptures (I Timothy 3:1-7;I Peter 5:1)   to assist in the operations of a church and its ministry. Ruling Elders are given the serious tasks of providing for worship, governing the church's property and finances, and overseeing the overall operation of an individual congregation and assisting in the government of the entire church through the Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly.


What is a Deacon?

A deacon is one of the three ordered ministers (with the Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders). This office is given by Jesus Christ and witnessed to in the Scripture (I Timothy 3: 8-10;12-13). Deacons are given the serious task of carrying forward ministries of compassion, witness, and service. Deacons serve on their own board, moderated by themselves, under the authority of the Ruling Elders.