Serving God; Loving Always.

Serving God; Loving Always.

Serving God; Loving Always.Serving God; Loving Always.Serving God; Loving Always.


Welcome to our community of worship, prayer,  love and service.

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Reverend Racquel Tomacruz


bible study


Pastor Racquel would like to share with you an audio recording of a Bible study or sermon titled "What Praise Can Bring About."

It is her hope that this Bible study will be a blessing and encouragement to you, during this time of change because of the coronavirus affecting many around the world.


Our Sunday services have been cancelled for March 22 and 29, by vote of the church’s Session. Other church activities have also been cancelled (e.g. Easter egg making, etc.).  The Session members will re-evaluate by the end of March, about resuming Sunday worship for the month of April.

The Session members have also voted that, except for the Red Cross Blood Drive on Friday March 27 --- our church building will be closed to outside groups who use the church building, until at least the end of March.

A word from the pastor:

I would like to ENCOURAGE you to spend this time of “social distancing” with some personal time with our Lord.  That is – Bible reading, reflection and application, plus personal prayer for yourself and others.

My prayer for you . . . you may want to pray this prayer out-loud for yourself, along with your other prayers:

“Lord God, I take refuge in You.  I humbly ask that You hide me under the shadow of your wings.  I ask in the Name of Jesus that any grave illness or plague not cling to me, but pass by away from me, while You keep me safe.  I thank you Lord Jesus.  Amen.”

Scripture verse, for your reflection:

Psalm 36: 7

“How priceless is your unfailing love! 

Both high and low among men

Find refuge in the shadow of your wings.”

Please feel free to give me a phone call, just to chat!

Blessings in Christ,


Cell: (724) 422-3839

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Sunday School for all Ages

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Sunday School for all Ages

Sunday School for all Ages

Sunday School for all Ages

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Group Fellowship

Group Fellowship

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Group Fellowship

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